Carolyn’s passion began 35+ years ago — as a teen she emulated Jane Fonda, watching her exercise tapes daily. Feeling better than ever she needed to find ways to build on and share that feeling. And she would.

It wasn't until much later in life that she paused to consider why she needed to feel better in the first place. What was behind the happy memories of finding this apparent solution? What was it a solution for?

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Armed with all the tools she has today, Carolyn looked inside. As she searched her past she was struck with other memories. Saw herself crying because her legs hurt so badly. Recalls being told it was "just" bad circulation ... pretty early in life.

But there was more than pain in those memories. Underneath she began to see the sorrow and confusion. It was that same period in her life, young adolescence, that she lost her father. She didn't know it then, but it is clear now no one ever helped her grieve that loss. She carried it for years through the rest of her childhood. Pushing it down. Pushing forward. Carrying it more and more in her legs.

A dog with stern face is wearing a baseball cap backwards while being hugged by woman smiling.
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The moral or theme Carolyn sees in this today?

That exercise is more than just moving the body. It helps you get in touch with what your body needs on a regular, energetic basis. Did it help with circulation? Probably. Did it directly help with her holding the negative energy in her legs? Probably. Was the bad circulation from holding the energy there? Also possible.

We don’t know, and this is why only a full, mind, body, and spiritual approach is appropriate for healing the body mind and soul. We can separate them enough to know, and it even makes sense they would be intertwined. So treat yourself and heal yourself accordingly.

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Today the "why" is more clear. Back then it didn't matter. Carolyn grabbed ahold of that healing feeling and moved forward.

When she got older she taught aqua aerobics, eventually becoming a personal train at a local gym.

The gym showed her how much she loved meeting new people and making them feel special and loved — that’s what was really keeping her going.

In time she would blend her passions for fitness, wellness, and personal relationships.

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Carolyn began practicing meditation, got certified to teach yoga, brought pilates, free-weights, PIYO, and TRX into her personal gym — and nutrient dense products into her eating habits.

Working with a variety of clients, Carolyn saw how often physical or emotional ailments could subconsciously manifest from holding on to painful past experiences.

She saw where true healing comes from: Being there, listening, sharing, and just generally caring. Letting go of those experiences.

Having a strong hold on her physical self, Carolyn set her sights on her metaphysical self.

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Her first goal was to “Go deep inside and find who Carolyn [was]” and discover her life purpose. So she studied ancient modalities that have survived centuries by harnessing the power of human empathy and intuition.

In time Carolyn gained the tools needed to clear energy blockages created from trauma or patterns of thinking.

Blockages in energetic regions and certain organs of the body can be the source of depression and physical disease.

She learned how blocked energy gives ego space to over stimulate. In assessing our surroundings, ego inflates or deflates the self, often keeping us from confronting exactly what would allow us to heal.

A dog with stern face is wearing a baseball cap backwards while being hugged by woman smiling.
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This is where Carolyn’s core goal in working with her clients became clearest.

Life shouldn’t be hard to live.

Her desire to make people feel good led to holistic healing from balancing energy in the physical, mental, and spiritual self.

This final approach employs whatever the client needs: physical fitness, learning therapeutic behaviors, digging into past memory — always in the end showing the client that the body can heal itself.

It sometimes just needs a little nudge.

A dog with stern face is wearing a baseball cap backwards while being hugged by woman smiling.
Family portrait of woman, husband, and their dog on vacation and all looking into the camera.
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