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Strength Starts Here

To help us heal, feel more grounded, and to love ourselves. To learn to love ourselves. So we can learn to love each other.

This is achieved by working 1:1 with every client — we’re all different and will use different tools to heal and become stronger.

We all have different stories that need to be shared, all have different physical strengths and weaknesses.

Only using a whole-of consciousness approach can we fully heal.

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Certification of completion for teaching REIKI energy healing.
Certification of completion for training to teach REAP energy healing.
The logo for signifying the healing methods are accredited by the National Certification Board For Therapeutic Massage and Body Work.

Spirituality Starts Here

The perfect place to start for anyone remotely interested in energy healing. Sessions and classes are both offered.

You will discover your own body wisdom. Explore centers around the body, and heal yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Looking for some guidance? You’ll find assistance along your spiritual journey.

Energy healing is an accredited therapeutic practice using ancient techniques to clear energy blockages that can cause a vast variety of symptoms.

Carolyn is certified to heal or to train energy healers. As an experienced healer she employs Reiki, REAP Technique, meditation, visualization, affirmations, and holds regular group energy healing circles.

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